Hair Update: 4 months

Recap: back in January, I let my friend cut my hair. In between salon visits I did my hair myself and used a blow out lotion to help keep it straight. Well, I’m pretty sure I used way too much product because my hair stayed bone straight for weeks, even when it was soaking wet.

Blowout Lotion

This works really well. Try it if you want to straighten your hair

I thought it was from heat, and I’m sure that had something to do with it, but wasn’t the entire cause. I laid off the heat for a few months and asked my friend to give me a trim. After I washed my hair I could tell the difference between hair textures, so I asked her to just chop it off. Since then I’ve been experimenting with different styling products, watching videos on Youtube when I had time, and finding suggestions and routines on Pinterest. I’ll leave my hair out for about a week, braid it up for a week or two and then wear it out again for another week or two.

I can tell that it’s getting longer. I haven’t straightened it at all and hardly used my hair dryer. Guys, let me tell you how curly my hair is… the back is made of up these tiny spiral-y curls and the top is these wavy, hill-y, sort of of up and down thing going on. I’m not really sure how to describe it but, I can’t even tell you guys how much I love playing in it. My sister told me to stop doing that but I swear I’m like a kid in a toy store with this hair. Lorenzo is just happy that I’m happy.

I can’t wait until it grows out a bit more so I can have more styling options. Here are some pics from last weekend. I’m learning how to make the curls more defined and how often I’ll need to do it.


School has been taking up a lot of my time so I’m sure once school is over I’ll have more time to dedicate to taking care of it. I just love how curly it is. 🙂