Random Facts about Me

I thought maybe now would be a good time give any new readers a chance to get to know me a little better. I wrote my bio when I first started this blog and a few things have changed since then, so I was thinking that it might be time for and update.

  • I’m a grad student. As of April 2018 I am one class away from getting my MBA. I started school about 3 months after I moved to Atlanta in 2013 (somewhere in there I took a year off) but will be graduating this year. All the homework I get sometimes keeps me from posting as frequently as I would like.
  • I come from a huge family. I actually have 7 siblings, all younger. While most of my family lives in New Jersey, 2 of my brothers have moved to Atlanta as well. Because of our work schedules, getting together is often difficult.
  • My husband, Lorenzo also comes from a large family, he has 6 siblings; most of them are older than him. One sister lives here in Atlanta about 3 miles from us.
  • While I’m the only person in my family to join the military, most of Lorenzo’s siblings (except for 2) and a few of his cousins has served as well. His father was also a veteran.
  • I love to travel and and Lorenzo loves to eat. It was one of the things that I thought was great about him when we met. I’ve always envisioned a life with a partner that loved to travel and explore new things as much as I did and it helps because he is willing to try new foods as well. I had a hard time dating guys who never stepped out of their comfort zone of cheeseburgers and corner store Chinese food.
  • Lorenzo and I met via a mutual friend. We both knew the friend separately for years; I met her in the Army and Lorenzo met her in college. I guess Lorenzo went through something with a woman that our friend didn’t like, so she decided she would introduce him to me.
  • Our relationship was long distance for the first 2 years. During that time we would travel to see each other when we could so we could spend time together and meet each other’s families.  He proposed to me the day before we moved into together.
  • A friend and I unknowingly got engaged on the same day. She was on vacation when I moved to Atlanta so she couldn’t come to my going away party. While on vacation, her boyfriend proposed.
  • I’ve been in the Army for 19 years as of March. I want to retire next year. Its been a great run, but I think its time for me to move on to let it go. Lorenzo has been in the Marine Corps. for 18 years, he wants to retire when he reaches 20 years also.
  • I’m trying really hard to convince Lorenzo to get a dog. He’s a afraid of leaving it alone in the house and it scratching up the floors. He always uses how much we travel as an excuse, but honestly, we don’t travel as much as he acts like we do. I’m still working on it.
  • I went natural when I moved to Atlanta and not by choice. The stylist I started seeing recommended it. I don’t regret it, but I’m STILL trying to figure my hair out. This might be a separate post for another day.
  • Of all my siblings I only have 2 nieces, and one of them was just recently born a few weeks ago. While I have no immediate plans to have my own children, I want my siblings to have a bunch of them. I always knew I wanted to be an aunt.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’m sure I’ll do another one of these again soon if I ever get some free time after my homework.


My Husband is my Life Coach

Sometimes I don’t give Lorenzo enough credit. I always let him know how much I appreciate him, but I don’t think I give him enough credit.

I always thank him for the things that he does, even the little things because I want him to know that what he does is appreciated. In a past relationship, I was told that I don’t appreciate anything which I took kind of hard and didn’t want to bring a negative habit into this relationship. Granted this relationship is way better than that one, it’s about give AND take; it may not always be equal but the intent is there.

I sometimes give Lorenzo a hard time because he works so much and rarely ever makes time to enjoy himself, which sometimes includes spending time with me. One day when he was working from home I had somethings on my mind and I decided to tell him what was bothering me. He listened attentively and didn’t get defensive or angry. He told me some things that he was feeling (things I didn’t know) and then we came to an understanding that we will both try to do better going forward.

I wanted him to relax more and have more fun, especially with me. He wants me to focus more on my work and getting a new job (I’d expressed a great deal of contempt for my previous employer and he wanted to support me with my goal of finishing my degree and looking for a new job). So we both came to an agreement that we would put more effort into what the other was asking.

One major thing I am grateful for is that he is very strategic with his life. Sometimes my lack of patience causes me to rush into things without thinking it all the way through. Before Lorenzo, I used to say that I wanted to date a man who could teach me things, and for this I am indebted to him because patience is a valuable tool when used correctly. Lorenzo is also the definition of “unbothered”; I’ve never seen someone who is so above any pettiness that I want to copy that same behavior. This is not to say that nothing bothers him, but when I say his reactions to other people’s foolishness is simply outstanding. It actually makes people approach him differently because they know he won’t feed into their craziness.

Here is a list of things Lorenzo doesn’t have time for:

  1. That

Its pretty awesome. Sometimes I want to get angry for him during times where I feel like he should be upset. He just explains to me how he feels and I just look at him and think to myself, “You’re either a unicorn or a robot, but I can’t decide which.”