Quality Time

Adulting is hard. There are some days where I am cool with adulting, but then there are other days like this past Wednesday (or was it last Wednesday??) where I am ready to give it up all up, quit my job, cash out my bank accounts and 401K, move to another country and live out of a backpack for the rest of my life. When I wasn’t traveling, would either be writing or some in shape or form documenting my experience. I even found an article on Twitter about couples who’ve done that very thing. Trust me, I almost had a plan.

I’m not sure if Lorenzo would go for it, but he does surprise me sometimes. I think if I present it just right, I might get him to go through with it. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I started school again a few weeks ago and Lorenzo and I are still in the process of trying to purchase our first home. His mom has been in town for the past few months and he’s had a few sudden death’s in family so he’s been traveling for those as well. I see my husband every day, but I always feel like I don’t get to spend any time with him. His commute is longer now so that means he leaves earlier, gets home later, and with everything else we both have going on (school, military, family), the only time we spend together is the few nights a week we have dinner. Now imagine if we had kids!

Even though I’m new to this whole “marriage” thing I assume that spending “quality time” together is important, even if you don’t get to do it often. We have married friends who come home to each other and don’t even kiss and ask how each other’s day was. Its just a verbal recognition of  “Hey” and that’s it. Lorenzo still makes an effort to come in and kiss me when he comes home, but I’m dreading the day he stops. Time has been flying by so quickly that I had to schedule an afternoon with him- just for me- and even that day we both had errands to run.

I’m not sure how people do it. I blame Daylight Savings for taking that extra hour away from me; I kind of need it back. I’ve been wanting to write for weeks now I just haven’t had time to do it (I have 4 drafts just sitting, waiting to be finished). Can I retire now? There are books I want to read and I think my novel is waiting.


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