Birthday’s Are Always Awesome

I’ve always loved celebrating my birthday. Even if I didn’t do anything special, I just liked the idea of having an entire day that is entirely dedicated to me and my happiness. If I wanted to go out and party, my friends had to participate because “it’s my birthday, I do what I want”. But if I decided I wanted to chill and relax, I could do that because “it’s my birthday, I do what I want.”  If I weren’t dating anyone, I would buy myself something I’ve been coveting but never wanted to spend the money on. When I was dating someone, it was nice to be treated like a princess; that didn’t always happen, but whatever.

This year on the 22nd I turned…thirty-…er…twenty-nine, and Lorenzo decided to surprise me with a trip to Orlando so we could go to Disney. We went to Epcot on Saturday and The Animal Kingdom on Sunday.  Ever since Lorenzo and I met, he’s always done a great job of making me feel special on my birthday. Once he took me to Jamaica for a week, then he paid for me to have dinner with my family when we couldn’t be together, and once he took me to Chateau Elan for the weekend.  Last year was our honeymoon, so that was a given.

But anyway, Epcot and the Animal Kingdom were just like the Magic Kingdom- lots of walking. Fortunately, Lorenzo and I already walk enough through our neighborhood, so the walking didn’t bother us. At Epcot went on a virtual tour of the world called Soarin’ and a few other rides, and also went around the world through all the built up cities they have. We also stayed for the firework show. Sunday, at the Animal Kingdom we went earlier in the day, so it was hotter; we took the safari ride, but the animals were so hot that many of them just hung out in the shade and didn’t move much. I honestly didn’t blame them.

For dinner that night we went to Del Friscos where I tried escargot for the first time. I’ve been wanting to try it for some time now but have always hesitated due to fear of the unknown. I will say that it was not as horrible as I imagined it to be, and I was very proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying something new. It was kind of chewy, like muscles, but had zero flavor which is why I guess when it’s prepared its done with so many other flavors. Lorenzo thought it was okay. Now that I’ve tried it, I don’t think I need to have it again.

We did some shopping and drove back to Atlanta Monday afternoon. Overall I would say it was a very successful birthday. We are going to go back to Orlando sometime in October or November because when we bought our tickets, we purchased access to 4 parks. We’ve already been to the Magic Kingdom back in 2012, so I think we’ll do that one again and go to Hollywood studios to use up the last park pass. It looks like I’ll have to keep on walking on my route…


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